Federico “Bandiani” Lagomarsino

bandiani_band_intDrum, background vocals.

The heartbeat of Attack-a-Boogie since 2010. Drummer, percussionist, sound engineer.


  • Music: He started studying drums since he was a child, improving and developing his own style in full many live concerts all over Italy with bands like: Funky Tranky, Cattive Compagnie, The Spielberg, Zero, Fly, Voyeur, Los Duendes, Ancamagra, Bandabandiani, feat. Filippo Gambetta, Inconsueto Popolare, Aranciabalcanika, Birkin Tree, Orchestra Bailam, Francesco Baccini.

  • As a sound engineer he happened to collaborate with important musicians, bands, DJs and producers.Among the others: Stefano Bollani, Vittorio De Scalzi, Carlo Marrale, Roberta Alloisio, Fabio Vernizzi, Alberto Bof. In 2000 he creates the Apollo Studio, a well known recording studio in Genoa’s historic centre.

  • As a School of Arts graduate he still paints, decorates, images.