Paolo Pezzi

Pezzi_band_intTenor saxophone, background vocals, claves, shaker and other stuff…

Swinging and blowing his horn for Attack-a-Boogie since 2002.   Saxophonist, conductor, arranger, composer.
Oboe graduate at “N.Paganini Conservatory” (Genoa, 1988).
Jazz graduate at “A.Vivaldi Conservatory” (Alessandria, 2004).
Jazz degree at “N.Paganini Conservatory” (Genoa, 2009).


  • Music: He has been playing for many years as sax soloist in several appreciated Orchestras and BigBands and in 1989 he started playing in the Columbus Orchestra as tenor saxophonist.He has been working as well for the Cinema, both as conductor of movie soundtracks and as saxophonist. 
  • As conductor: “Harem Suare” directed by Ferzan Ozpetek (1999) – “La seconda moglie” directed by Ugo Chiti (1998) – “I fetentoni” directed by Alessandro di Robilant (1999)
  • As saxophonist: – “Il mattino ha l’oro in bocca” directed by Francesco Patierno (2006) – “L’ispettore Coliandro” TV series (RAI Fiction 2005) – “I delitti del cuoco” TV series (Canale 5 2010)